Professional Representation

By signing an agent link form we become your professional representation with the revenue. This allows us to assess your situation and apply for tax refunds on your behalf. This is our area of expertise so we know what to look for to ensure maximum success for your claim.

Expert Personal Assessment

We collect a few documents from you to evaluate your tax situation and most importantly – to maximise your tax refund. We are on hand to give you trained, expert advice to guide you through the process and so you know exactly where you stand.

Filing of Paperwork

Not everyone likes tedious paperwork but we we do! We wade through the paperwork and liase with the revenue on your behalf so you don’t have to deal with any dense official forms. Paperwork is what we do and we are experts at it.

Hassle Free Tax Refund

We collect your tax refund from the revenue and forward it on to you, minus our flat fees as agreed in advance, if any. You can expect your refund within a few days – no nasty surprises, no administration to deal with – just money in your account.

Your Tax Refund!

Are you ready to get a free personalised evaluation ?

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