Starting college this September? susi

Heading to college can be an expensive ordeal but for many it is only made possible by receiving a  SUSI grant. The national awarding body ‘SUSI’ has already awarded grants to 37 thousand students for the college year ahead but the deadline for application looms large on the 8th of July. College can be a time of adjustment for most students as they go from the institutional nature of secondary school to the general freedom of college.

Getting out alive

The best advice for any student beginning a new course in September is to take it slow. There is absolutely no need to go out 3 nights a week and end up missing orientation for most of your subjects. The general attitude among colleges is to allow students to sink or swim. They won’t hold your hand or force you into lectures, the choice is entirely yours to succeed or fail and it all starts on day one. If you allow the newly found freedom to go to your head then your first year of college could be a lot shorter than you imagine and once you allow yourself to fall behind in college it’s a very steep learning curve to get back on top of your course content. If you approach college like a new job and hold yourself accountable for attendance and deadlines you will find college far more enjoyable.

Applying for SUSI grant

Visit the SUSI website to submit an application for your college grant at the SUSI website before the 8th of July deadline. The process is far easier than you might think. Make sure you also check for a tax return with and you could be entitled to a nice cash return from revenue. Our average return is €885 and we don’t charge any fee if your return is less than €100 so its a WIN-WIN for you. Text #return to 0873933933 to start your return today.

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